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Materials of Construction:

  • Castings: In Cast Iron and Ductile Iron as per ISO & IS guidelines.
  • Sealing Rubber Gaskets: In EPDM, Quality conforming to IS: 5382/1985.
  • Fasteners: Standard MS Fasteners (T / Hex Bolts) duly Zinc quoted for rust preventions.
  • Painting: Castings wholly Epoxy Painted (Food Grade).
  • Hydraulic Testing: As per IS: 1538/1993 / IS: 13382/2004 / IS: 9523/2000 / ISO: 2531/2009
                                                  (all 4 Standards follow identical parameters).
  • Packing: Generally loose or individually in gunny bags as per dispatch requirements.

Indian Standards

All Country Standards are essentially drawn from prevailing ISO Standards for reasons of interchangeability, convenience and consumer safety. In all developed countries, in-spite of prevailing Country Standards, Manufacturers very commonly follow their own designs and specification taking care of the consumer safety and interchangeability for reasons of better efficiency and saving on cost of jointing. Standard Certification on products is never an issue.

Cast Iron Jiffy ™ Fittings in India were started with this concept in 1977. Since then almost 37 years have passed in its field use in laying and repairing CI & DI Pipe Lines. Post 1995 when DI Pipes first started rolling out in India, many high pressure DI Pipes have been laid successfully with CI Jiffy ™ Fittings. During this period, Ductile Iron Fitting did not exist in India which appeared almost 7/8 years later.

IS: 9523/2000 for DI Pipe Fittings

BIS first formulated IS: 9523 for DI Pipe Fittings in 1980. These Fittings were designed with Sockets to be joined with conventional Pig Lead. During this time there were no known manufacturer of DI Pipe & DI Pipes Fittings operating in India but Jiffy ™ Pipe Fittings did exist in India.

BIS first amended IS: 9523 for DI Pipe Fittings in 1994. The Socket Designs were modified to be Push on Joint Type (Tyton®) and Socket dimensions were specified in the amended Standard. During this period also there was no manufacturer of DI Pipes or DI Pipe Fittings operating in India. But Jiffy ™ Pipe Fittings did exist and were being used very extensively.

BIS again amended IS: 9523 for DI Pipe Fittings in 2000 where Socket design / joint was taken out of the scope of the Standard. DI Fittings were recommended for Mechanical Joints or Push on Joints only. Manufacturers were given freedom to innovate and adopt their own private designs. The mass of Fittings were withdrawn and were made more compact. To ensure quality products, a new Clause on ‘Quality Assurance’ was adopted. During this time perhaps only 1 manufacturer was operating in India for DI Fittings (with very limited sizes) and about 2 manufacturers for DI Pipes. During this period CI Jiffy ™ Pipe Fittings were extensively used as it could match all high pressure requirements and all possible Fittings were available with us. During this period ISI Certification mark was not an issue but all fittings were dispatched after TPI Inspections.

On 30.10.2009 Government of India with the consent of BIS issued a GR which brought DI Pipes and DI Pipe Fittings (IS: 8329 & IS: 9523) under mandatory certification. This was a very surprise move as out of more than 50 operating India Standards for Piped Water Supply, only these two Standards were picked up when hardly 2/3 manufacturers were operating in India and IS: 9523/2000 was particularly liberated / generalized for wider use and new innovative designs. On enquiry BIS clearly denied having any role on the mandatory certifications but agreed that on the express instructions of Government of India, restrictions were imposed. However in-spite of almost 31 months of chasing, BIS still could not produce copy of the letter that instructed/influenced BIS on the necessity of compulsory certification.

However such a Government move has no effect on our DI Jiffy ™ Fittings as these are all Private Copyright Designs, out of the Scope of IS:9523/2000. The Jiffy ™ Fittings that India had been using since 1995 in laying DI Pipes are now made in DI. Only the Material of Construction has changed but the product / design remains the same so also the field efficiency.

IS: 13382/2004 for CI Mechanical Joint Pipe Fittings

IS: 13382 for CI Mechanical Joint Fittings was formulated in 1992. During this period our Jiffy ™ Fittings were in use. IS: 13382 was amended in 2004 when masses and socket design of Fittings were withdrawn. Manufacturers were free to innovate and adopt their own efficient designs. We immediately upgraded into our Jiffy ™ II designs for more compact and economical Pipe Fittings. We also got our exclusive copyright for our Jiffy ™ II Fittings, which were a great hit with Hydraulic Engineers. IS: 13382 has again been amended in October 2012 and its incorporation is eagerly awaited.

ISI Certification Mark on Jiffy ™ Pipe Fittings

Jiffy ™ is a private copyright design. As such, ISI Certification is not required. We have so far not faced any problem with supply of our Pipe Fittings with Third Party Inspections since 1994 by reputed Agencies like EIL, CEIL, RITES, SGS, MECON etc. And we are very proud that till this date none of our Pipe Fitting has failed in field use.

Incidentally, DI Pipes and DI Pipe Fittings with ISI Certification Mark are necessarily put through TPI Inspections before dispatch. Therefore we in India do not believe that ISI Certification is the ultimate product guarantee. Jiffy ™ Pipe Fittings do not bear ISI Certification Mark but have a credible record of 19 years of use in laying and repairing DI Pipes where the Fittings were dispatched with TPI Inspections. This is a no mean achievement.

Can anyone deny us the hard earned Jiffy ™ reliability?


We want to achieve this through our maintenance free and foolproof pipe fittings ...

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All Products supplied by us are manufactured as per relevant Standards ...


Some of our special features that mark our presence and make us ...